Cardcorp Partner Programs

Thinking about partnering with CardCorp?

Then please consider the following:

  • CardCorp partners can earn up to 30% commission selling print products online
  • CardCorp was the 1st UK website with an online design & order your print interface
  • CardCorp has won many awards and has been used in benchmark studies and case histories by the DTI.
  • CardCorp provides itís customers with top quality and speedy digital printing services at affordable prices

CardCorp currently operates 3 types of partner programs:

1. Integrated partners

Forging a partnership with Cardcorp is always a win-win situation. At CardCorp we believe that all our business partners are unique. So before you make any commitment we really would like to talk with you a bit more about your business, your strategy, your expectations of the partnership, possible budgets, your demands etc. Below are some examples of what we, at CardCorp, consider an integrated partnership:

  • An affiliate wanting to add additional CardCorp content to his/her own website
  • An affiliate adding a whole CardCorp webpage to his/her own website
  • CardCorp adding a landing page to our website with your brand identity
  • CardCorp adding unique product templates to your branded landing page on the CardCorp website
  • CardCorp adding a whole custom non-CardCorp branded shop to your website
2. Licensing Partners

Partnering with CardCorp gives you access to the other business divisions of Ivor Solution Ltd and their partner offerings. Printers and Print Management companies for example can license the software that Ivor Solution Ltd. has been developing over many years. For more information you can visit the Print Evolved website. Here are some examples of what we would consider a licensing partnership:

  • Licensing the Print Evolved Enterprise Edition for Print Management companies
  • Adding our front-end technology to your own online print website
  • Adding our front & back end technology to your own online print website
  • Using our technology for processing your own print orders
3. Linking Partners

CardCorp can provide existing clients and interested parties with CardCorp logos, images and banners on request. The CardCorp team would be very happy if you would like to place an external link to CardCorp on your website. Your online recommendation might of course bring us new clients but will also boost our 'page ranking' and 'link popularity' which the search engines use to rank the CardCorp website.

If you are interested in discussing any of the described CardCorp / Ivor Solution partner programs please get in touch with our Partner Programs Manager Neil Forrest by phone on 0800 310 1176 (free call) or via email.

The CardCorp team

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