Frequently Asked Questions

1 Is the quality as good as I've been used to? 
Rest assured we use only the finest business card materials available. Our business cards are produced on Fedrigoni 340gsm board which is as good, if not better, than would be obtained from traditional printers. Don't forget if there is a quality issue there is a full money back guarantee. This does not however include your own typing errors. So please check carefully before ordering.
2 Can I use my existing company logo? 
Our Design It Yourself program is unique in that it allows customers to design business cards from scratch, including the designs of logos and monograms. If you have a company logo you wish to incorporate on your business card please refer to the logo section of 'Corporate Cards' or contact us on: 0800 310 1176 (free call)
3 I normally wait at least 10 days for my business cards to be printed. Is it true that you only take 3 days? 
Yes, indeed due to the full automation of the service we aim to dispatch cards within three working days.  We dispatch cards by first class post but you are able to order a special courier service at just 4.00 per delivery. We can also deliver anywhere in the world for 25.
4 If I order cards in the future will I have to re-design? 
Don't forget to keep your username & password.  With this you will be able to have access to the design you created in the first place or any subsequent changes you have made to the design.  We cannot guarantee that your design will be held indefinitely but we anticipate holding the designs for up to six months before they are removed from the system.  Thus, if you order more than a couple of times a year your card template should be held on our database.
5 What if I want to order for more than one individual? 
No problem, simply assume that your card design is your corporate style. If other people in your organisation require cards you bring up the previous version and type over the details to be changed.  You will interactively be able to view exactly how the finished card will look for other people in your firm.
6 What colours can I have printed? 
Any colours you like provided you choose them from the colour palette. It's all the same price whichever colours you choose.
7 How does Card Corporation print? 
The revolutionary printing method that we use is referred to as digital offset.  This means that a traditional lithographic printing chasis is utilised,  incorporating cylinders, blankets and plates together with a feed mechanism that allows us to print on a variety of materials, including the best business card boards available.  The difference between digital offset and  traditional lithographic printing is that the plates are electronic and are dynamically produced with each revolution of the printing machine.  Electronic inks are used which combined with the dynamic plates allow the consecutive printing of up to four colours and full colour.  The digital offset system is part of our one million pound investment program, designed to give our customers the best possible printing service.
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