Print Week - 30th July 1999

Print Week - 30th July 1999

By Barney Cox

Card Corporation has launched its internet-based card design and printing service.

Aimed at small businesses and individuals, Card Corporation hopes to take on high street quick print using the information super highway. The service will provide 125 four-colour cards within three days for £24.95.

Card Corporation is a joint venture with Leedsbased internet print pioneer Grasmere Digital Imaging.

"There's a whole new market out there for cards," said development manager Ivor Jacobs. "With the rise in the use of email and mobile phones it's becoming more important for individuals to have their own cards.

"We reckon that the UK business card market is worth £5m-£lOm per year. This new application could increase that by at least 10%."

Card Corporation is talking to major web portal sites to promote the service and lead customers to the site. It is also planning to expand the service to offer other stationery items in the future.

The site provides 21 basic designs which can be used as a basis for adding the individual's own details. Users enter their details and proof and pay for the cards online. Order processing and imposition are carried out automatically in software and cards are then printed on Grasmere's Indigo.


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