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One of these two gents is extremely interested in the plethora of opportunities that exist in technologies for virtual printing and print management software, the other is a puppet.
Oh, yes my lady.

Ivor Jacobs - Managing Director of Print Evolved
Thunderbird's Parker
  Ivor Jacobs

Ivor Jacobs (Printing World, June17) is keen on pulling the strings in web technology for print, but whether Parker is even aware of the existence of the Internet is debatable, (It wasn’t around in his day, you know).

But what is indisputable is the fact that the geezer was and probably still is the finest butler-cum-chauffeur that that you ever saw and that’s inside the virtual reality of Thunderbirds or anywhere else for that matter. And I challenge any man to gainsay me.

Furthermore, Parker has asked me to finally put an end to speculation of any impropriety in his relationship with Lady Penelope. They are fond and affectionate, but that’s as far as it goes.

But Virgil. Ah, now that’s an entirely different matter.

escribing itself as "the only true interactive printer", the Card Corporation lets you edit templates of letterheads (54 for 125), business cards (f24.95 for 125) and cards for every occasion from baby arrivals to moving house (both 18.50 for 25; all prices exclude Vat and p&p). What it did not offer, and what I wanted, were A6 cards with my address. The helpline suggested I e-mail details, but that still left me stumped about how to choose colours and fonts.

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